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A recording studio sanctuary project in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.


We have created an inspiring green environment, where musicians can record in a professional recording studio with integrated rehearsal facilities and a fabulous residential suite.†

Our belief, and our own experience, is that creativity born from nature creates greater inspiration and awareness.

The facility will cater to artists, bands, actors and all kinds of productions that require an exclusive and private environment for recording and mixing, songwriting, rehearsing, pre/post production, post sync and foley recording for TV/advertising/radio/film, whether or not accompanied by their families and friends.†

We provide an experienced in-house recording engineer, session multi instrumentalist and/or producer Jeff Claeys (see info below) or Filip jacobs (www.filipjacobs.com), but of course bands are free to bring their own.

Musicians/bands can also just simply fly in and rehearse for an upcoming†tour. There is a full backline with PA available - specific instruments not currently in place can be obtained at short notice as required.

The philosophy of our residential studio extends beyond simple recording into†lifestyle and well-being. We offer a comfortable integrated residence where my wife Saar (graduated as a moral philosopher/consultant and artist) welcomes artists, organizes activities and workshops around key lifestyle themes. Just a walk away from the property, our friends Johanna and Martijn (certified massage & healing therapist, chef and artist) offer a beautiful Spa facility where you can get a healing massage, yoga class or enjoy a sweat lodge session at night. We also provide an in-house chef, specialised in healthy food (organic local produce).†

Next to the guesthouse we also offer a fully equipped two bedroom casita that can be rented separately.†In total we provide room for fourteen people. All facilities can be rented separately or adjusted as desired.†

Our goal is to make the studio and the accommodation attractively priced - we believe a broad variety of artists and bands from all over the World should be able to enjoy the chance to record outside of their country in a tropical environment. Our exclusive and personal service results in an unforgettable experience.

Guest House sunset view

The studio has three rooms. A Live Room (40m2), Control Room (27m2) and an Iso Booth (8m2) which are designed by George Augspurger (JBL, Walt Disney, Sony, Cherokee Studios). From the Live Room and Control Room you have beautiful ocean and jungle views.

The Control Room is equipped with a combination of analog and digital gear. The set-up is based around a†full-featured Analog recording console, a ProTools HD3 system and a beautiful collection of vintage instruments, classic microphones and†analog outboard.

Studio plan wh

It is important to note that, when operational, the recording studio will have a separate and more detailed website

Every room in the house is connected to the control room with tie lines,†and yes, that includes the bathrooms. The recording area and living room are separated by a large glass door; when this door is open, both rooms can be used as one integrated space.

All rooms have air-conditioning and humidity control.

The house is located on a mountain next to a nature reserve, about 100 meters above sea level with a spectacular ocean view and only 800 meters from the beach. The property size is 1Ha and the house is a 400 sqm construction.

The first floor (ground level) is an open space with a large open kitchen, sleeping area for 4 persons, bathroom, washing room, a relaxation†area with a beautiful terrace, a swimming pool and a walking path to a yoga deck.†

The second floor houses the studio, but there is also a living room with relax area, kitchen, bathroom and terrace on the same floor.†

The third floor consists of two bedrooms for another 4 people and a big bathroom. On top of the studio there is a fabulous private apartment for 2 people, with private bathroom, kitchen and terrace.

In total we provide room for 12 people. (4 double beds in private rooms and 4 single†bunk beds)


The facility is going to be the first fully solar powered recording studio in Costa Rica, with a 6.3kWp photovoltaic system on the roof.†

All waste water is 95% biological treated and re-used for garden irrigation.


When visiting Costa Rica for the first time I realised it is a fantastic place to be inspired and to create a place to record music. Instead of being in a big city recording environment, with little daylight, a pingpong table and a fastfood take away service, we thought of the idea of being surrounded by nature instead, to see the Pacific Ocean through the live room window, maybe seeing a family of howler monkeys in a tree through the control room window and having the possibility to play and record music at the same time.

Between sessions of rehearsing, songwriting or recording you can take a dip in the ocean or swimming pool, drink a smoothie on the beach or read in the hammock, have a surf session or take a yoga class.†Afterwards, play a new take or listen to your mix with a fresh and clear mind.

Costa Rica offers a wide range of activities and is very easy to travel around. The sub-tropic climate is always pleasant regardless of the season, of which there are officially two; dry (Dec-April) and wet (May-Nov).†

The beautiful beaches of Santa Teresa are located in the south of the Nicoya peninsula, in the province of Puntarenas. Santa Teresa is a well-known surf town with one of the best and most varied beach-breaks around, yet it is also a place where the stunning nature is well preserved and sits starkly juxtaposed to the human environment that has developed within it. There is a law that says that you cannot build on the beach nor build higher than two stories, so the view back from the ocean to the beach is really amazing, you simply see beach and palm trees.

Santa Teresa Bay

The country is in an acceleration of development and cultural activities. In San Josť, the capital city, there is a wide variety of commerce, entertainment and business.

We believe that this concept is something original and there is a need for creative people to be in a natural, grounded and inspiring environment.

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  • Instruments playing: bass, drums & percussion, guitar & keys
  • From my studio I write and record in a number of different musical styles. I can produce anything from one-off tracks to entire scores or soundtracks.
  • Big variety of recording gear, instruments and sample libraries


  • Commercially dedicated composing, sound design, voice over work and jingles.
  • Tracking, editing, post production & mixing
  • I have developed a number of pieces for agencies and clients across advertising and television
  • This work includes services for†DEDSIT,†VTM,†TVL,†Studio 100

wisseloord bw

Sound engineer

Broadcast audio engineer

For a detailed list of work experience click HERE



Email: jeff@el-studio.biz